A meeting point for NZ's thriving artificial intelligence research community, innovating across many domains.

"Collaborators I wouldn't have found any other way"

"For anyone interested in AI in Aotearoa the conference provided a very valuable 'snapshot' of current thinking, issues, projects- and possibilities. "

"Good platform to network with people of related research work around New Zealand"

"The premier venue for showcasing AI research and applications in Aotearoa

Research insights and more

Senior researchers from around the country presented on a range of topics and students and post-docs presented their research through posters, with the agenda also including panel sessions, sponsor presentations, and opportunities for Q&A and to join the discussion.

In pictures

2022 Conference Committee

Professor Albert Bifet

Professor Richard Green

Professor Gillian Dobbie

Professor Mengjie Zhang

Dr Julian Maclaren

Dr Paul Geertsema

Dr Phil Mourot

Dr Daniel Wilson

Dr Rory Clifford

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