The 2022 conference programme included the 2022 New Zealand Data Science Platform Workshop

Day One

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Karakia and Mihi Whakatau

Opening Comments

Richard Green - Co-Chair Artificial Intelligence Researchers Association

Session One

Session Chair - Julian Maclaren (Nelson AI Institute and Co-Deputy Chair AI Researchers Association)

Presentations only, 5 minutes each. No Q&A

1. Hamid Sharifzadeh (Unitec Institute of Technology)
Aiding Forensic Investigations using Machine Learning

2. Gay Morgan (University of Waikato)
A Sufficient Basis for the Moral Considerateness of AI Would Be?

3. Douglas Campbell (University Of Canterbury)
A suggested solution to the superintelligence control problem

4. Albert Bifet (Artificial Intelligence Institute - University of Waikato)
Adaptive Machine Learning for Data Streams

5. Ramakrishnan Mukundan (University of Canterbury)
AI and Image Analysis in Computational Pathology

6. Alistair Knott (Victoria University of Wellington)
AI Social Impacts in New Zealand: some recent projects and some open questions

7. Phil Mourot (Artificial Intelligence Institute - University of Waikato)
Artificial Intelligence for Emergency Management

8. Kourosh Neshatian (University of Canterbury)
An Overview of Some AI Projects at the University of Canterbury

9. Lech Szymanski (University of Otago)
Conceptual complexity of neural networks

10. Yun Sing Koh (University of Auckland)
Continual Learning for Adaptive Predictive Systems

11. Ji Ruan (Auckland University of Technology)
Deep Learning and Reasoning in General Game Playing



Morning Tea and Poster session

Session Two

Session Chair - Phil Mourot (Artificial Intelligence Institute and Secretary AI Researchers Association)

Presentations only, 5 minutes each. No Q&A

12. James Steven Atlas (University of Canterbury)
Deep Learning in Spectral Computed Tomography

13. Reza Shahamiri (The University of Auckland)
Deep Learning, Health Delivery, and Assistive Technologies

14. Bach Hoai Nguyen (Victoria University of Wellington)
Evolutionary Feature Reduction

15. Bing XUE (Victoria University of Wellington)
Evolutionary Machine Learning Approaches and Applications

16. Stephen Cranefield (University of Otago)
Generic approaches to reasoning about social coordination

17. Sam Davidson (Scion Research)
Machine Learning for Automation in Plant Tissue Culture

18. Mike Grimshaw (Univerity of Canterbury)
God as the original Ai: Learning from the Sociology of Religion.

19. Paul Geertsema (The University of Auckland)
Instance-based Explanations for Gradient Boosting Machine Predictions with IBEX values

20. Qi Chen (Victoria University of Wellington)
Learn More About You Data - Symbolic Regression and Modeling

21. Yi Mei (Victoria University of Wellington)
Machine Learning for Better Responsive Emergency Medical Dispatch

22. Binh Nguyen (Victoria University of Wellington)
Multitask learning on graph convolutional residual neural networks for screening of multi-target anticancer compounds

23. Marcus Frean (Victoria University of Wellington)
One-shot learning without catastrophies

24. Brendan McCane (University of Otago)
Proving the Lottery Ticket Hypothesis



Lunch and Poster session

Session Three

Presentations only, 5 minutes each. No Q&A

25. Juncheng Liu (University of Otago)
Recursive Octree Network for Efficient 3D Processing

26. Heitor Murilo Gomes (Victoria University of Wellington)
Semi-Supervised Learning for Delayed Partially Labelled Data Streams

27. Bernhard Pfahringer (University of Waikato)
SOKNL: A novel way of integrating K-nearest neighbours with adaptive random forest regression for data streams

28. Michael Witbrock (Waipapa Taumata Rau Natural Artificial and Organisational Intelligence Institute Strong AI Lab)
Supporting Scaled Science with Strong AI

29. Andreas Kempa-Liehr (The University of Auckland)
Unsupervised feature selection for systematic time-series engineering

30. Richard Green (University of Canterbury)
Autonomous 3D sub-mm surveying for accurate models and precision tool use

31. Dr Karaitiana Taiuru (Taiuru & Associates)
Ethical Considerations with AI - An holistic view

32. Elle Archer (Te Matarau - The Māori Tech Association)
Navigating the Multiverse 









Artificial Intelligence and Tikanga Māori

Panel Discussion

Chair - Daniel Wilson (University of Auckland & Tangata Whenua Representative - AI Researchers Association)

Panelists - Dr Karaitiana Taiuru (Taiuru & Associates), Elle Archer (Te Matarau - The Māori Tech Association), Rory Clifford (University of Canterbury & Tangata Whenua Representative - AI Researchers Association), Kirita-Rose Escott (Victoria University of Wellington & Student Member Representative - AI Researchers Association)

Afternoon Tea with Ada Lovelace Birthday Cake

Artificial Intelligence Teaching Programmes

Panel Discussion

Chair - Mengjie Zhang (Victoria University of Wellington & Deputy Co-Chair - AI Researchers Association)

Panelists - Yun Sing Koh (University of Auckland), Bing Xue (Victoria University of Wellington), Brendan Mccane (University of Otago), Ji Ruan (AUT), Albert Bifet (University of Waikato), Richard Green (University of Canterbury), Ruili Wang (Massey University)

Gold sponsor talk

Associate Professor Giovanni Russello (University of Auckland)

Closing Comments

Albert Bifet - Co-Chair Artificial Intelligence Researchers Association

Karakia and Poroporoaki

End of Day One

Dinner and Drinks

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Day Two - Data Science Platform Workshop














Karakia and Mihi Whakatau

Opening Comments

Professor Albert Bifet

Ministerial Address - Hon Dr Ayesha Verrall

How AI research can put Aotearoa NZ at the forefront internationally

Panel discussion

Chair - Professor Gillian Dobbie (University of Auckland & Diversity Chair AI Researchers Association)

Panelists - Minister Verrall, Professor Mark Gahegan (University of Auckland), Professor Richard Green (University of Canterbury & Co-Chair AI Researhers Association), Peter-Lucas Jones (Te Hiku Media), Yun Sing Koh (University of Auckland & AI Researchers Association Board), Bing Xue (Victoria University of Wellington & AI Researchers Association Board)


Discussion on cooperation and collaboration

Closing Comments

Karakia and Poroporoaki

End of Day Two


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