Held on April 9, 2021 at Hobbiton™, Waikato

NZAIR2021 - Further connecting AI researchers from across NZ

A meeting point for NZ's thriving artificial intelligence research community, innovating across many domains.

View highlights from the inaugural workshop.

New Zealand is advancing the state-of-the-art in artificial intelligence through fundamental and applied research, collaborating across academia and with industry, and this workshop will provide a further opportunity to network and share experiences, understandings and knowledge.

NZAIR is intended to be the usual meeting point of the New Zealand AI research community with the main goal of the workshop being to foster discussion around the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence.  

One of the outcomes of the inaugural workshop was the establishment of the Artificial Intelligence Researchers Association.

Research insights

Over 30 senior researchers from around the country presented at the inaugural workshop on a range of topics including fractual learning, deep learning, explainable AI, adaptive problem solving, machine learning for data streams, automation, cybersecurity, fake news detection, autonomous systems, and ethics. 


Professor Albert Bifet

Professor Eibe Frank

Dr Yun Sing Koh

Professor Bernhard Pfahringer

Dr Varvara Vetrova

Dr Joerg Simon Wicker


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