35+ students, post-docs and research fellows

Aaron Keesing (University of Auckland) - Using emotional voice conversion for data augmentation

Aaron Smith (University of Canterbury) - Correcting Charge Sharing Distortions for Photon Counting Detectors In Postprocessing

Abira Sengupta (University of Otago) - Generic representation of expectations can help computational agents to solve social dilemmas

Amritha Menon (University of Otago) - Decentralised agent coordination through norm entrepreneurship

Ayman Chaouki (University of Waikato) - Monte Carlo Tree Search for Online Decision Trees

Balkaran Singh (Auckland University of Technology) - Machine learning framework for personalised multimodal modelling

Ben Halstead (University of Auckland) - A Probabilistic Framework for Adapting to Changing and Recurring Concepts in Data Streams

Caitlin Owen (University of Otago) - Explainable AI Using Decomposed Error

Chen Zheng (University of Waikato) - Alzheimer's Disease Detection via a Surrogate Brain Age Prediction Task using 3D Convolutional Neural Networks

Di Zhao (University of Auckland) - Improving Data Augmentation for Domain Generalization with Self-Paced Learning

Elliot Munro (University of Otago) - Towards Performant Real-World Exploration with Integrated Reinforcement Learning

Fangfang Zhang (Victoria University of Wellington) - Genetic Programming and Machine Learning for Scheduling

Guilherme Weigert Cassales (University of Waikato) - Balancing Performance and Energy Consumption of Bagging Ensembles for Data Streams in Edge Computing

Hongyu Wang (University of Waikato) - Feature Extractor Stacking for Cross-domain Few-shot Meta-learning

Jack Patterson (University of Canterbury) - Automating Jumping Spider Behaviour Extraction from Experiment Footage

Kieran Elmes (University of Otago) - SNVformer: An Attention-based Deep Neural Network for GWAS Data

Kirita-Rose Escott (Te Herenga Waka) - Cooperative Coevolutionary Genetic Programming Hyper Heuristic for Budget Constrained Dynamic Multi-workflow Scheduling in Cloud Computing

Krzysztof Adrian Maliszewski (University of Canterbury) Convolutional neural networks for artefactremoval in Quantum Optical Coherence Tomography

Matthew Skiffington (University of Waikato) - Density Map Estimation with Normalizing Flows 

Mohammad Norouzifard (University of Auckland) - Optokinetic Nystagmus Detection from Eye Camera Videos by 3D Convolutional Neural Network

Nick Lim (AI Institute - University of Waikato) - Time series forecasting and uncertainty estimation for river stage prediction

Nuwan Gunasekara (AI Institute - University of Waikato) - Online Hyperparameter Optimization for Streaming Neural Networks

Olivier Graffeuille (University of Auckland) - Machine Learning for Environmental Problems with Limited Data

Qiming Bao (University of Auckland) - Logic-driven Data Augmentation using AMR for Representation Learning

Qiqi Wang (University of Auckland) - Knowledge-based Document Representation for Law Document Understanding

Qurrat Ul Ain (Victoria University of Wellington) - Skin Cancer and Breast Cancer Detection Using Genetic Programming; an Artificial Intelligence Technique

Ruwang Jiao (Victoria University of Wellington) - Feature Selection in Classification: An Evolutionary Multi-objective Perspective

Sanghyub, John, Lee (University of Auckland) - The influence of specific emotions in eWOM on donation decisions: differences between marketers and users by donation motivation

Satwinder Singh (Massey University) - Towards exploiting synthetic data to improve Automatic Speech Recognition for Low-resource Punjabi Language

Sobhan Latifi (University of Otago) - Optimizing triply periodic minimal surfaces for designing porous structures for process engineering

Song Yang (University of Auckland) - Trajectory Flow Map Enhanced Transformer for Next POI Recommendation

Sugam Budhraja (Auckland University of Technology) - Predicting future status of Ultra High-Risk patients using transformers on multimodal longitudinal data

Tan Ming Xuan Samuel (Nanyang Technological University) - K-selection in KNN imputation

Theodorus Dapamede (University of Otago, Christchurch) - Application of a self-supervised deep learning framework for image recovery and denoising in spectral photon-counting CT

William Schierding (University of Auckland) - Random Forest Classifier of Primary Open Angle Glaucoma

Yang Chen (University of Auckland) - Mean Field Game as a Framework for Many-agent Inverse Reinforcement Learning

Yuan Gao (Massey University) - Data Augmentation with Diversified Rephrasing for Low-Resource Neural Machine Translation

Yujun Ma (Massey University) - Relative-position embedding based spatially and temporally decoupled Transformer for action recognition



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