50 students, post-docs and research fellows

Aaron Keesing - Creating a multi-accent emotional speech dataset by automatic selection from existing corpora

Adil Bilal - Rise of Technomoral Virtues and Data Ethics for Artificial Intelligence: Threats to Personal Information Privacy

Alex Peng - Improving the Generalisation of Neural Networks with Unlabelled Data

Ali Abdul Hussain - Towards paradigm and subject independent Motor imagery based BCI

Attaullah Sahito - Deep Semi-supervised learning

Bach Nguyen - Transfer Learning: Bringing Inheritance into AI

Ben Halstead - Using Meta-Information to identify and store recurring concepts in data streams

Bilal Ishfaq - AI-Algorithm for the Software-Defined Internet of Things (SD-IoT) security.

Caleb Moses - Scoring pronunciation accuracy via close introspection of a speech recognition recurrent neural network

Chen Zheng - Principle Component Analysis Network For Classifying Brain Scans

Di Zhao - Feature Drift Detection in Evolving Data Streams

Ding Ning - Towards Algorithms for Automated Detection of Extreme Climate Events

Evelize Mann - When socially and environmentally oriented communication drives enterprises performance?

Fareeda Begum - Using machine learning to infer the occurrence of extreme precipitation events in climate model fields

Felix Marattukalam - Convolutional Neural Networks in Vascular Biometrics: The present and the future

Hansi Gunasinghe - Glaucoma Detection using Machine Learning

Hongyu Wang - User-Friendly Deep Learning

Jacob Montiel - Machine learning for data streams with Python

Jason Tam - enviPath - The Environmental Contaminant Biotransformation Resource

Jaron Mar - A Computational Model of Risky Decision Making using Fuzzy Trace Theory

Joshua Bensemann - Phenomenology In Deep Learning

Katharina Dost - Your Best Guess When You Know Nothing: Identification and Mitigation of Selection Bias

Lin Ni - A Proof-of-concept Chatbot: the potential of a customized Question and Answer (QA) model for health domain chatbots

Mark Rodrigues - Neuro-Symbolic Artificial Intelligence for Surgical Tool Management

Matthew Skiffington - An Exploration of Conditional Density Estimation with Normalizing Flows

Mengxiao Zhang - Selling Data at an Auction under Privacy Constraints

Ming-Bin Chen - Beyond asking what is known: The new challenge of inquisitive conversational question generation

Nick Lim - Diversity-aware model for Majority Vote Ensemble Accuracy

Nuwan Gunasekara - Neural Networks for Evolving Data Streams

Olivier Graffeuille - Application of Machine Learning techniques to Remote Sensing data to predict Cyanobacteria Blooms

Patrick Kerr - An Approach to Activity Recognition in Smart Homes Using Fuzzy Sets

Qianqian Qi - Conditional Text Generation

Qiming Bao - From Symbolic Logic Reasoning to Soft Reasoning: A Neural-Symbolic Paradigm

Rajchada Chanajitt - Combining Static and Dynamic Analysis to Improve Machine Learning-based Malware Classification

Rory Mitchell - GPUTreeShap: Fast Parallel Tree Interpretability

Shuxiang Zhang - SLED: Semi-supervised Locally-weighted Ensemble Detector

Song Yang - Spacetime Neural Network For Traffic Flow Forecasting

Swapna Sam - Deep Learning Based Stochastic Weather Generator

Theodorus Dapamede - Image Denoising using Fully Convolutional DenseNets for Spectral CT Imaging

Victoria Huang - Deep Reinforcement Learning for Request Dispatching

Vithya Yogarajan - Multi-label Classification of Medical Text

Wenlong Wang - Can Decision Markets be Used for Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning

William Herewini - Using self-organising maps to characterise the synoptic conditions that lead to extreme precipitation events

Xiaoxuan Li - Business Process Automation by Natural Language Processing

Xinglong Chang - Learning from the past - Detecting adversarial attacks using the training data

Yang Chen - Mean Field Inverse Reinforcement Learning

Yibin Sun - Prediction Intervals for Data Stream Regression

Yin Yuan - Time Series Data Simulation Using GAN Method

Ying Bi - Machine Learning for Image Analysis

Yunzhe Jia - How can explainability be useful in model evaluation?


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